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About us

GRID is a free, openly accessible database of research institution identifiers which enables users to make sense of their data. It does so by minimising the work required to link datasets together using a unique and persistent identifier. The result is the most clean and accurate data for robust reporting.

GRID has been developed by the team at Digital Science to address a challenge we faced ourselves - to have a common way to think about institutions in order to provide high quality reporting.

It has been broadly adopted by the Digital Science portfolio companies to facilitate data exchange, increase functionality, and support novel features. We think these benefits should be shared more widely in the scientific community to foster innovation and increase interoperability.

We're pleased to make this invaluable dataset of identifiers openly available to the community via GRID.

So what's different?

Well our database is free and openly available (under CC0 Creative Commons license), is manually curated, offers geo-tagging and is an unbiased database of over 102,392 institutes.