Slice and Dice your data

Organise your data by geography or type. Link out to other datasets

Align your data with GRID and open the door to a range of data integration and reporting possibilities. We are continually adding new institutional identifiers to our system and already include ISNI, Fundref, UKPRN, Wikipedia among others. This allows easy integration with third party datasets.

If you have not already captured your data using GRID, you may find it possible to disambiguate your records by linking it to some of the metadata we provide in GRID.

Since all GRID entry locations are expressed by referencing Geonames cities, aggregating and reporting based on country/territory, region, or city is trivial. We have even mapped all locations in Europe to the regional classification standard NUTS. Adoption of such standards will allow you to easily integrate a wealth of open data on population demographics, economic indicators, social conditions, industry and trade statistics, and much more.

In addition to this, a large number of institutions in our database have been assigned a type (such as Education, Healthcare, Company, Government, Non-profit, etc) providing another dimension on which to analyse datasets and create reports.

Uc slice and dice